How To Mass Unfriend Facebook Friends

I’ve seen a lot of Facebook users who accept every friend request they get on the social networking website. Most of the Facebook users think that it will be cool if they have thousands of friends on Facebook, and sometime later they realize that adding thousands of unknown people in their Facebook friends list isn’t that cool as they used to think, thus they decide to unfriend those people from the list who don’t talk to or care about them.

You might have added some unknown person in your friend’s list at least once in your social network journey. If you know everything about Facebook, you would know about the process of unfriending a friend from your friends list. At current, Facebook doesn’t allow you to unfriend Facebook users in mass. Think about it, if you have 100 friends to remove from your friend’s list, you’ll have to spend hours for the job done.
This would surely be a time consuming process if you unfriend each person one at a time from your friend’s list. If you’re really want to get rid of this time consuming process, all you need to use is a script named FacebookDeletes, which will easily let you remove Facebook friends in bulk. Read on to learn how to use this script safely.
Mass Remove Facebook Friends With Facebook Deletes
You just have to install this userscript in your browser. Google Chrome users can install the script directly and If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, you will first need to have Greasemonkey add-on to install the Facebook Deletes userscript. When you’re done with installing, just go to your Facebook friend’s list page or you can click here to directly go to that page.
You’ll notice a text ‘Facebook Delete Friends’ at the top of the page with a down arrow next to it. Clicking on the down arrow will open the selection menu. There will be a checkbox next to each friend’s name listed below and you’ll have to tick the checkbox whom you don’t want to remove. Have a look at the image below showing the selection menu.
It might seem a bit confusing at first, so I suggest that you should test it out by clicking the ‘Highlight’ button to know which friends you’re removing from your friend’s list. Once you have selected the friends you want to keep in your friends list, just click the ‘Highlight’ button and within a moment it will highlight the list of people with the red border who will be removed from your friends list.

It will only delete users on the current page. If you have lots of friends, go to the bottom of the page to load them first. If you were looking for the easiest way to unfriend Facebook friends in bulk, you should definitely give ‘FacebookDeletes’ a try. The userscript sometimes doesn’t work on Google Chrome browser. In that case, try refreshing the page or use Firefox browser.
At last, I’d like to tell you that don’t add people you don’t know and never interacted with before since it’s clearly mentioned in the Facebook security rules. A while ago, I posted some tips that will help you to protect your privacy by using new Facebook features. I recommend you to check the blog post to make your Facebook account more secure.

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